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At our practice, we offer a range of holistic therapy options, including Myofunctional Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Buteyko Breathing, Mineral Desensitization Treatment for sensitive teeth and Holistic Teeth Whitening.

What makes us different

At Pannu Holistic Dental Myology, we take a comprehensive approach to dental care, considering the impact of treatment on overall well-being. Our focus encompasses the health of the gums, teeth, jaw, and associated structures.

Holistic Store

As the creators of the "pH" brand, we take pride in offering a range of preservative-free, and chemical-free alkaline products. Our commitment to ethical practices extends to our strict policy against animal testing and re-usable glass container packaging.

pH Minerals

Holistic Mineral Dental Probiotics - Promotes healthy oral microbiome balance

pH Oil

Holistic Detox Gum Oil Pulling Concentrate - Natural oral detoxification, freshens breath

pH Toothpaste

Detox Whitening Hydroxyapatite Mineral Toothpaste - Cleanses and rejuvenates oral environment


Google and Yelp

I usually don’t write reviews because I either forget or don’t have the time, but for Taren, I made sure to take the time to write one. She is the warmest and most welcoming person you will meet! She immediately made me feel comfortable. I have looking for a dentist who is gentle and careful because of my past experiences, and I could never find one. Many dentists are not delicate and don’t take their time with you. Taren not only did a fantastic job on my teeth cleaning, but she also took the time to talk about my health conditions and what little changes I could make to change my lifestyle around. I appreciate her, and I am happy to have found her. Now I can’t wait to go back and get a cleaning which in the past I would have never said!

Jessica, R.

Old town, San Diego, CA

I have been a patient at Pannu Holistic Dental Myology for over a year and the care and expertise I have received has been truly exceptional. They take a holistic approach to dental care, considering not just my teeth and gums, but how treatment affects my overall well-being. I have seen great improvement in my jaw pain and teeth sensitivity thanks to their Myofunctional Therapy and Mineral Desensitization Treatment. The Craniosacral Therapy and Buteyko Breathing also helped me to reduce my stress and improve my breathing. I highly recommend Pannu Holistic Dental Myology to anyone looking for comprehensive and individualized dental care.

Abby, P.

San Rafael, CA

This review is long overdue, but I’ve been off Yelp for some time and just coming back now. I’ve never been a huge fan of the dentist, I mean really who is? That said, I am committed to being at Pannu now four times a year as I’ve realized I really like knowing that my teeth are clean and as healthy as they can be in spite of my inability to do basic things like floss regularly on my own 😉 I also do teeth whitening there, which is painless and relatively quick, and get my x-rays handled as needed. I randomly found Pannu a couple years ago when I was driving in the Point.  It turned out to be a great find.  The place is always exceptionally clean, which was huge for me even pre-covid.   Taren is a constant proponent of holistic/healthy options, which fits in well with my world view of how we should be treating our healthcare.   She is also simply a delight to be around; in spite of my extroversion, I rarely felt like engaging my hygienists or dentists in the past, and yet I can barely shut up long enough for her to do her work.  I recently referred my friend’s college aged son to Pannu and he had what apparently was a great experience – which says a lot coming from a 21 year old boy who was pretty much forced to get dental care by his parents.  
I cannot imagine going elsewhere.  Seriously, if I ever move, I will literally fly back here for my dental care.


San Rafael, CA

My experience today with Taren was one of the best experiences with any dentist office. In the past when I go within dentist offices it’s always business and I would feel this feeling of discomfort during and after procedure. It makes you not want to come to go back and honestly I would definitely say when it comes to Pannu Holistic Care I can say the opposite. The whole time Taren was very comforting and asking if I was alright and throughout the whole procedure I didn’t feel any discomfort. Sometimes we say no just so we won’t scare the person doing their job or feel like we are wasting their time but I didn’t feel any of that. The whole atmosphere was very clean, calming and especially with the beautiful waterfall outside in the waiting room it was overall super relaxing. I really did enjoy learning a lot when it comes to which oral hygienic products to use, how to properly brush your teeth, and when to do so. It’s funny when other doctors say you need to brush after every meal and use mouth wash, floss and etc by giving you all these bad recommendations on what to buy always gets me, but with Taren it was really plain and simple. I love how super comfortable Taren made me feel through the whole experience, after getting my teeth done I wasn’t in any pain at all, my teeth looks and feels clean and also WHITE! She did a wonderful job and it makes me keep on smiling every chance I get near a mirror LOL. I will definitely let my family and friends also even strangers know about this dentist office I can’t wait to come back within 6 months to do another cleaning. Thank you again Pannu 🙂

Nisha, B.

San Francisco, CA

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